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Portfolio of Ben Garratt

Ben Garratt — UI Designer based in the UK

“Simple UI. Incredibly functional. Easy to use. Pleasant to look at. Dunked has completely dissolved any stress I used to feel when it came to updating my portfolio.”

Casey Giessen — Photographer
Portfolio of Kary Fisher

Kary Fisher — Illustrator based in the UK

Portfolio of Miki

Miki — Graphic Designer based in Spain

“I use Dunked because of the simplicity and customization. I have used several portfolio sites but none of them have been as intuitive or beautifully designed.”

Alex Sorell — Graphic Designer
Portfolio of Todd Fischer

Todd Fischer — Designer based in Australia

Portfolio of Danielle Muntyan

Danielle Muntyan — Designer based in the UK

Portfolio of Dean Pomfrett

Dean Pomfrett — Designer based in New Zealand

“I love the clean design and the ability to customize your portfolio. The layouts are responsive and ready for Retina displays which is awesome. Dunked saved me a lot of time.”

Petra Muller — Illustrator
Portfolio of Scott Greenwald

Scott Greenwald — UX Designer based in Japan

Portfolio of Elise Pype

Elise Pype — Designer based in France

“I am so happy I ran into Dunked. It simply solved all my online portfolio issues, giving it a fresh and professional look with the best user interface I’ve experienced. Recommended.”

Stefania Tomasello — Creative Director
Portfolio of Ant Hurlstone

Ant Hurlstone — Art Director based in the UK

Portfolio of Maxime Desmet

Maxime Desmet — Cinematographer based in The Netherlands

Portfolio of Melike Turgut

Melike Turgut — Graphic Designer based in the USA

“Dunked is best-in-class. Presenting my work as a designer is traditionally a time consuming task. Dunked solved this problem for me.”

Jared Booye — Creative Director
Portfolio of Lewis Dohren

Lewis Dohren — Illustrator based in the UK

Portfolio of Triptic

Triptic — Design Studio based in Poland

“I've tried loads of platforms, and built my own a few times, but I've found Dunked to be the the best and simplest way to run my portfolio.”

Jonathan Ogden — Graphic Designer
Portfolio of Stuart Hill

Stuart Hill — Illustrator based in the UK

Portfolio of Marcio Takara

Marcio Takara — Illustrator based in Brazil